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iris"Craig Werth excels in the live concert setting. Our audiences love him.  We will ask him to return regularly. Book him yourself
 and be prepared for an unforgettable event."

               - Craig Huegel, WMNF Radio, Host of Just Us Folk Concerts

"There was a ‘vibe’ going in this performance that I’ve not sensed here before. An absolutely perfect night!”
- Barbara Kerr, Studio 13 House Concerts

"I have played and worked with exceptional musicians over the years, none more so than Craig Werth. He is a vast talent musically, and a truly gifted accompanist and arranger. Not to mention a brilliant songwriter himself. We met when I first played for Harvey Reid at Seacoast Guitar Society. I met Craig that night, played his  CD on the way home and became a fan. We won a Juno with Right of Passage and toured the world together for four years.
He is a dear and roadworthy friend and a joy to perform with.
He is also the funniest man I have ever met.”
- David Francey

After two decades of performing part-time and regionally, Craig served as the full-time accompanist/co-arranger for three-time Juno Award winner David Francey, starting in the fall of 2006. He co-produced Francey's "Right of Passage" which won a best album Juno. He toured heavily for nearly 5 years, showcased by David for his own writing and performance skills. With the release of his folk-DJ charting album of original songs, "The Spokes Man," Craig returned to the stage much more as a solo artist. He has also toured internationally with the highly and widely acclaimed Gaelic-Americana artist, Kyle Carey.

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Club Passim Iguana Fund Grant given to Craig
Craig has been awarded an Iguana Music Fund grant from Club Passim.  His project will include teaching ukulele and songwriting to individuals in rehabilitation after brain injury as well as hospice program participant family members.  The project will be completed in 2014.  Contact Craig for more information.
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"These Ornaments"
by Craig Werth

Included on Christine Lavin's "Just One Angel v2.0" compilation release, Dec 2013

Juliet Nelson, cello
Ben Werth, harmony vocal
Liz Werth, supporting vocal
video by Craig Werth

"Baby You Were Right..."
by Craig Werth

Peterborough Players Theater, Peterborough, NH, December 2012

(video courtesy of Ken Sheldon's "Frost Heaves")

"If Angels Had No Wings"
by Craig Werth

"The Blue Room Sessions"
 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. 2013-05-21
with Kyle Carey and Ron Janssen
Cameras and video editing by Wim Voets, LookDeeper.eu

"Loose Gems" by Craig Werth

"Speaking of gems, 'Loose Gems' by Craig Werth, 'Quarter Moon' by Cheryl Wheeler, 'Stars' by Janis Ian, and 'Are You As Excited About Me As I Am' by Jeff Daniels are beautiful, meaningful, meticulously crafted songs I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of." - Christine Lavin from her memoir, "Cold Pizza for Breakfast"

(video courtesy of Ken Sheldon's "Frost Heaves", 2012)

"Spark of Kindness"
by Craig Werth. 

Performed with Kyle Carey at Concerts On the Lake in Allyn, Washington.

(video courtesy of Nolan Pepperdine)


"Craig is not merely an above-average musician.  He is an exceptional one.  I heard him first on a compilation CD that I purchased for the 'other artists', quite frankly. When I put it in my player, it was his song, 'Sycamore' that made me stop and pay attention and it put me on a 2-year quest to get him down to Florida.  His CD of guitar instrumentals, Sideview, shows off his prowess as a guitarist. His first CD of vocals, Loose Gems, shows that he can write lyrics as well as anyone in the business - and his voice is rich and full of that New England quality that has made the career of a number of others." - Craig Huegel, Our Kind of Folk Coffeehouse Series and Folk DJ - Tampa, Florida

"In recent years Craig Werth has been applying his considerable talents as a multi-instrumentalist to accompany Juno award-winning songwriter David Francey, but his naturally modest demeanour in that role belies the fact that he is a truly gifted songwriter in his own right. As an inspired musician and a perceptive and emotive writer, it is when he applies his musical prowess to his own songs that the depth of his artistry is revealed." - Jim Payne, Newfoundland performing artist/writer/producer

"Speaking of gems, 'Loose Gems' by Craig Werth, 'Quarter Moon' by Cheryl Wheeler, 'Stars' by Janis Ian, and 'Are You As Excited About Me As I Am' by Jeff Daniels are beautiful, meaningful, meticulously crafted songs I can listen to over and over again and never get tired of." - Christine Lavin from her memoir, "Cold Pizza for Breakfast"

"In concert, Werth shines as a natural story-teller, humorous and poignant, with a keen eye for all our foibles and passions. His instrumental accompaniment is as brilliant as his songwriting. He is a true performer, a captivating player and singer, not to be missed." - David Francey

"Craig's very literary and melodic songs are in the tradition of thoughtful New England writers." -
Harvey Reid

"Craig's CD just blew me away" - Micah Engber, Maine Public Radio

"If you like Dave Mallet and John Gorka, you'll like Craig Werth. His voice and guitar work are absolutely wonderful" - Annie Provenzano, WMWV Radio

"[the song] 'Loose Gems' is a classic" - Christine Lavin


Accompanist for multiple Juno-Award-winning artist David Francey. Supporting David with multiple instruments, harmony vocals, and arrangements. (www.davidfrancey.com)

Co-producer/arranger/every-track-instrumentalist for David Francey's 2008 Juno Award-winning album, "Right of Passage."

Featured on Volume I of the "Seacoast Songwriters" Sampler CD of New England artists, produced by guitar legend Harvey Reid.

North East Regional Folk Alliance showcase artist.  Folk-DJ pick of the year artist. Several "best album of the year" nods from DJ's across North America.

Featured on Kennebunk Coffeehouse's critically acclaimed collection, "Best of Five Live" with artists including John Gorka, Patty Larkin, David Francey and esteemed others.

"Special Guest" for artists including Christine Lavin, David Francey, Chris Smithers, Cliff Eberhardt, Neil and Leandra, Kevin So, Susie Burke and David Surrette. Shared stages with Paddy Malone of the Chieftains, the Barra MacNeils, Malinky, Ron Hynes, Buffy Saint-Marie, Chumbawumba and many others.

Published writing includes an essay in the book "Soul of the Sky: The Human Side of Weather" (along with essays by Sebastian Junger and Annie Dillard) and my "Ode to the Zucchini" in the New Hamphire Poets Guide - 2010.