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Here are some links to wonderful people and organizations (click on the images below).  The list is not close to all-inclusive of those I cherish, as I simply can't keep up with the dozens and dozens of brilliant artist friends I've made over the years.  I've added a few of late and kept the ones I'd entered years ago.  From here on, it's likely that I will add only organizations and people with a humanitarian connection or some other sensational distinction.


Unlimited Possibilities is an organization that does a remarkable amount of good in the world -- with direct service projects and no-interest micro-loan funding.  I am proud to serve on the board of this organization.

voices pic
Voices From the Heart is a 220-voice women's chorus directed brilliantly by my friend, Joanne Connolly.  They are based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with their performance home at South Church.  Their concerts are often sold-out events filled with gorgeous arrangements and renditions of diverse works with great respect for tradition and the broad range of cultures their chosen music represents.  Voices also supports humanitarian causes.  One of our best resources for spirit lifting in the region.

peter art

Peter Welch is a dear friend and, among many other remarkable attributes, a fine painter.  He painted the cover art for my recording "The Spokes Man."
His heart is as fine as his art.


ArtsCanCircle is a wonderful organization serving first nation people in northern Canada. Please read about their work. World-reknowned harmonica player, my friend, Mike Stevens, is a founder of this amazing effort bringing music and spirit where it is so desperately needed. They are most deserving of our support.

Kyle Carey has given me a huge boost through her friendship and collaboration.  I have served as her accompanist and also as a co-bill artist on tours she has organized.  Her Gaelic-Americana songs are brilliant.  Do yourself a favor and find her wonderful, critically-acclaimed album, "Monongah."  It's always on rotation in the Werth home.


Masterful singer-songwriter/publisher Deidre Randall's brain and heart-child, Writers In the Round is a concept, a radio show, a performance, a community, a journey... I've participated in seven of the first eight WITR retreats on Star Island off NH's coast and in multiple WITR shows. The retreats and the people assembled for them have had a lifelong impact on my writing and boosted my friend holdings by a heartload. If you're a writer or even a "would-be," (which makes you a "could be" in my book) take a look...  I now co-direct these with Ellen Taylor.


Guy Capecelatro III -- Guy is a genius in the loveliest of ways. I enjoy every rare minute I'm around him. The most prolific writer I've ever met. At the writers' retreats we'd all measure our new song output in a ratio to Guy's. If you had a 2:7 day (you:Guy), you were kickin' ass. Guy's first 7 were all written between breakfast and lunch however. And they were all great.

dfpic David Francey... He and his wife/partner Beth have changed my life in wonderfully potent ways and I am forever grateful. David is one of the finest songwriters the world has ever heard (yes... the world has ever heard...) and I'm proud to be his pal and associate. Here he is on the big screen accepting his third Juno Award, in 2008 -- this one for the album I had the honor of co-producing with him and Ken Friesen -- "Right of Passage."

Allison Lupton dazzles with voice, flute, and heart. There is a lightness and calm in her playing and singing that soothes the spirit. She has a number of gorgeus albums. Pictured here is "Where Swallows Fly" though her most recent is "Half My Heart" which has a song of mine and a couple of co-writes with her on it. Allison and I have co-written and worked together quite a bit. She is a dear friend to Liz and me AND she is among the most talented artists I have ever met.

Longtime friend and songster/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire T.S. Baker took some time from public performing, serving as artist in residence at a wonderful service organization - Krempels Center, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Tammy reworked my hardly-heard song, "You Save Me" into a wonderful co-write and ended up submitting it to Kerrville New Folk along with a grand song of her own earning finalist status (that's huge!). She invited me in on her hauntingly beautiful solo release CD, "Through the Shadows," which includes the only existing recording of "You Save Me."

Cynthia Chatis is a virtuoso flautist with a beautiful, rich singing voice as well. She plays all things wind near as I can tell. And she can squeeze the shruti box with the best of 'em (she let us borrow hers for David's "Right of Passage" CD). We've collaborated on a number of projects to my great delight - many of them weddings. Don't get married without her!
Cynthia's CD "Wind" is filled with peace and light -- just lovely. She's a masterful teacher, soloist, accompanist and dear friend.

katepic I haven't met an instrument my friend Kate couldn't play... magnificently. This "Irishy Girl" can rattle off in fluent Gaelic and then sing and play to melt your heart -- piano, harp, whistles, bodhran, doozlekranger (I made that up, but I bet she could play it). Great sense of humor and insight. Beautiful recordings.

songtrain Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen, have far too many credits to do justice to them here (including son, Otto and "the new one"). Both are world-class musicians. They collaborated on a book project that amazes me. "Song Train" is filled with over 50, 2-chord songs in the form of written word, chord positions, and 4 full CD recordings of their own performances of them. Their mission is to get people playing and singing great songs, even those who have little or no experience doing so. It's instructional, historical, enlightening, joyful... Ask for it at your bookstore and check it out on their website.
Tannis Slimmon. Lucky Blue. An album I can have on repeat for 8 or 9 days straight. She and husband Lewis - both gems in person - are masters of potent subtlety. One of our favorite listens on the tour, with a production value worthy of study and emulation.


The Good Lovelies. Bright, funny, jazzy, edgy in a sweet way. Met them for the first time at the Atlin festival and was instantly smitten with their innocent charm... oh and their talent.. yes their great talent... Sunshine in a package of three.  Soaring in their brilliant career, most deservedly.


Paul is a wonderful and fascinating man and a long-time friend. He, like me, left a comfortable university job to pursue a dream with courage and conviction. He's doing it... entertaining, and also supporting and enriching lives through the art of hypnosis.