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jump"His songs, gems of communication, are made with a voice of pure beauty and instrumental work so precise that it's a wonder he finds the room to get so much honest soul into them."
- David Matheson, founder Moxie Früvous, Artist-Producer

"There is a grace of language and spirit beating at the heart of this recording. Brilliant and inspiring."  - David Francey in praise of "The Spokes Man"

"Craig Werth hit a home run with this one! Every track is worthy of airplay -- a great mix of melody, lyrics and a wonderful supporting cast." - Steve Clark, host of Acoustic Planet, Erin Radio

Craig has three original solo albums and one collaboration recording with the brilliant Guy Capecalatro III. His work can be heard on two David Francey albums ("Right of Passage" and "The Seaway") and he makes guest appearances on many others. You can order recordings directly from Craig and Liz or digitally via Bandcamp. If you'd like to order via regular mail or some other way (telepathy, perhaps) you can write to Liz and she'll lend a hand.

You can listen to and download most of Craig's albums and individual songs here: Craig-on-Bandcamp, or order CDs below.


If you would like to make a contribution in support of Craig's projects you can donate here, OR if you owe Craig money (he often gives product in advance of payment trusting in the inherent goodness in people -- it works!), click the payment link to the right. Please enter comments to explain your payment. Thank you!
Donations and I.O.U.s

"Oh Pluto"
"Oh Pluto" is inspired by NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto, our hunger to learn and understand, and the light in the human spirit.
Christine Lavin, Emily Bindiger, and Grammy-winner, Julie Gold, sing on this with me.
Income from this track will support Craig's work on this project, his tuition for Inter-faith Chaplaincy education, his volunteer efforts and his overall ability to sustain while doing various good things in the world. The video for this song, co-produce by Craig and Christine Lavin can be found on YouTube.
"Oh Pluto" is available on Bandcamp

oh pluto screen
season samp pic Sampler for the Season is a wintery seasonal mix of four songs and four instrumental works by Craig. It contains 3 songs that were released previously on compilation albums, all having risen on the folk radio charts. "These Ornaments" was the #2 song for December 2013 and appeared on Christine Lavin's "Just One Angel 2.0" project. "Beside the Tree" and "Lights of St. John's" were on samplers from Hudson Harding in 2010 and 2012. The album can be previewed on Bandcamp.
Order "Sampler for the Season" CD - $10
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The Spokes Man
is Craig's latest solo album. It made a splash in Folk radio, garnering several "best album of the year" accolades.  Fourteen original songs (plus a bonus track) with accompaniment by some remarkable artists from around the world, including David Francey, Geoff Somers, Shane Simpson, Allison Lupton, Mike Ford, Mike Stevens, Corwin Fox, David Matheson, Christina "Zippy" Zaenker and other gems. Potent, clear vocals in spare arrangement with guitar and touches of cello, harmonica, mandolin, fiddle, bouzouki, shruti box and brilliant harmony singing.

Order "The Spokes Man" CD - $15

Sideview is a collection of 14 original instrumental pieces composed and performed by Craig. It features acoustic guitar, with mountain dulcimer and mandolin.  Beth Girdler, David Francey's wife, said that it is so beautiful it made her cry (in a good way).

Order "Sideview" CD - $15



Loose Gems -- Craig's first solo CD. Fifteen original tracks including signature pieces like "Tiny Stars," "Something In Us All," "The Fog Free Zone," and many more. David Francey hails this CD as one of his top favorites "by a mile."
(Don't let the cover art scare you... a few well-placed stickers or a wordy autograph by the artist and you're safe from the face.)

"If you like Dave Mallet and John Gorka, you'll like Craig Werth. His voice and guitar work are absolutely wonderful" - Annie Provenzano, WMWV Radio

Christine Lavin hails this title song in her memoir Cold Pizza For Breakfast.

Order "Loose Gems" CD - $15

gc Ten Miles Out is a collaborative effort born from a grand friendship. Craig has teamed up with Guy Capecelatro III for this collection of 15 songs inspired by 6 years of shared writing retreats on Star Island off the coast of New Hampshire. There are three co-writes and 6 songs each from Guy and Craig -- with a wide variety of shared instrumentation and arranging on all tracks. 

Order "Ten Miles Out" CD - $15

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