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In addition to performances and presentations, Craig offers a variety of creative and supportive services including:

Officiating for Weddings, Memorials and other Celebrations and Rituals
Craig is an ordained interfaith chaplain (Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, Portland).
He serves as the pastor at the Nottingham Community Church (UU) in
Nottingham, New Hampshire. Craig is available as an officiant for services and ceremonies of many types including weddings, memorials, blessing rituals and more. He is also available for private hopsice work and music support for life events.

Custom Composition and Performanceiris
of instrumentals and songs for recognition, celebration/remembrance (more detail below).
He has performed in more than thirty services and ceremonies, solo and with other artists.
He can provide sound and recording support.


private and group lessons, workshops and seminars for instruments (ukulele being his favorite for new musicians) and songwriting (quote below).

Recording and Production

small scale projects including recording, producing, and sound mixing.

For more information about any of these services send Liz an email inquiry.



Craig will compose a custom melody for you; arrange and record the piece; and provide you with the music notation printed on parchment, double-matted and framed, along with a recording and a custom cover.  In a brief interview he will gather information to personalize the composition and its title, matching it to the person or purpose.


Craig and the Voices From the Heart Ukulele Orchestra
"I can't imagine a better or safer environment in which to challenge your current musical sensibilities (or lack thereof) than under the guidance of Craig Werth.

In an extremely short period of time, he has gotten me from my own self perception as musically inept to one in which I can't see boundaries past whatever I choose to challenge myself with.  Craig has been gentle, encouraging, inspiring, and creative in his approaches.  He's worked to ensure I had a solid grasp of the basics; chords and strumming techniques, while opening up other directions such as more advanced rhythm exercises and music theory. 

To put it plainly, his instruction works.  And, as an added bonus, he makes it fun." - A.S., Portsmouth, NH


As a hobby, Craig builds unique, "hand-made" websites on occasion.  He built the following two sites to represent the passions of some wonderful people.  Click on an image to visit.